Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ES Gokin Series 06D Gordam Dragon Parts

What a massive fail this post is. The video is even worse but at least you get to see the contents. I got this in today but I don't have the Godam gokin ( <---wow, it almost reads like a curse word haha) on hand to show off the completed set. I mean I do have it...somewhere in the boxes I have. My free time is non existent at the moment, so the drop in the quality of my postings and reviews on youtube will be quite noticeable until things ease up. Anyways, here is the box. It's got the usual high quality you would expect from Artstorm. The cardboard almost feels like thin wood. It's darn thick!

Box front
The back shows off the set together with the Godam Gokin. It has a nice combination effect. Man oh man do I wish I had the gokin handy.
Box back

Stay tuned for crappy video.

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