Monday, July 25, 2011

Tomica Black Box 1:60 MAT Vehicle 40th Tsuburaya edition

I was itching to show you guys this little diecast car. It's 3am and I'm wide awake thanks to the new sleeping schedule set forth by my new daughter. So here I am to present to you this cool little car. It's from the Ultraman series. This it the MAT vehicle which I believe stands for Monster Attack Team if my brain is working properly. I just had to have this. I mean it's a beautiful rendition of the popular car seen in Ultraman. It is a Mazda Cosmos painted up to look like what you see on TV. It is not fair to compare Tomicas to Matchbox or Hot Wheels as the only thing they have in common is scale. Tomicas are so much more detailed. The tampo printing on this piece is spectacular. You also get opening doors! Really really nice. This is a 40th Isubuhaya edition which I believe is a reissue of the original. Tomicas now come in a white box but originally in black like this one if I'm not mistaken. I remember living in Colombia and my mom would buy me Tomicas and I love that they came in little boxes as opposed to blister packs. You may have owned Tomicas without knowing it. They were released here under the Pocket Cars name by Tomy. They were carded on what look like a jeans background to simulate a jeans pocket.
 Inside the box, the car is wrapped delicately in a soft flexible seaweed feeling tissue paper to preserve the car. Very nice that so much care is put into making these.
Protective wrapper
 Just look at the tampo printing on this. for being so small, it has excellent graphics. Even the trim on the windows is painted. Eat your heart out Hot Wheels.
MAT Vehicle
 Oh! what's this? Opening doors? YES!
Opening doors.
While this is superior to other mass produced diecast cars, this is a collectible so it demands a premium. I would speculate this cost about $7 when it came out in 2001 I believe, I am not really sure. Expect to pay $20-30+ today.

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