Monday, July 25, 2011

New-Ray Ducati 1198

Since this is my blog I can post whatever I want, even if it's not robot related. I love Ducati's and I would love to own one some day. For now I have a wannabe Ducati Monster. It is a Suzuki GSF400. Here is my baby.
My 1992 Suzuki GSF400  

And for comparison, here is a legit Ducati Monster that my bike is "based" off of.
2005 Ducati S4R

So until I can afford a real one, I've been collecting 1:12 and smaller scale Ducati diecasts. Here is one I got from a store that got me into drifting. I'll tell you a little story before I continue. I used to go in there to buy Japanese Option/Option 2 videos and in between the really cool Japanese race car stuff, there would be spurts of drifting. I always skipped through it because it was videos off ugly beat up cars sliding around the track. Needless to say, after a while I caught the bug. I would buy anything drifting related. Eventually events opened up locally and that was it my life was changed. Fast forward almost 8 years and here I am reviewing toys. The little stores name is Autofreak. I love those guys there. Its in the Mitsuwa market in Edgewater, NJ. Check 'em out if you're in the area.

So back to the diecast...sorry, I get sidetracked. It is a 1:12 scale Ducati 1198. It is beautifully made. It;s not an expensive scale replica, but it is wonderfully done. Usually the frames are diecast, but it wasn't immediately apparent what was made of the precious metal. it feels nice in the hand though. I didn't take the twist ties off because then I would have to find a place to display it. I payed $13 but I've paid anywhere from $6 to $18 for these so shop around.


New-Ray 1:12 Scale Diecast with Plastic Ducati 1198

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