Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hasbro Signature Series Force FX Light Saber for $10.99!

So there I was at our local toy store. I decided to look to see if there were any new Transformers (which there wasn't). All I saw were DOTM peg-warmers. Every time I walk by the Transformers in the isle, behind me there is a Light Saber display that turns on and makes Light Saber sounds. So friggin annoying. Well I decided to take a look at it after all these months of being bothered by it. It turns out they are actually really darn nice! The handles are made of metal. Really cool stuff. I thought to myself that it would be cool if they had Darth Vader's Saber. Lo and behold there was one. I didn't see a price but I had already seen them before for $119.99. Since these are shelve warmers due to their price, I decided to take a crack at checking out the price on their scanner... it was literally begging me, I was thinking that maybe even if they were on sale it wouldn't be much less. The scanner beeped and I was given a price of $10.99. It said something about a promo on the screen. I scanned again...$10.99. I looked around like I was guilty of robbery. I slapped that bad boy in my cart faster than the Millenium Falcon.

I went up to the register and again $10.99. I paid $10.99! I was so damn happy. My wife gave me the craziest look when she saw I bought it. Almost like a WTF? look. I said it was only $10.99!! woo hoo!. I saved over $100 dollars. So at home I looked at the receipt and it rang up as a 3.75" figure...how the hell? I decided to look at the UPC code. Looked ok except it said AT-AT commander or something like that. Typo? I tried peeling the code and then it fell off! Someone had CAREFULLY placed a UPC code from something else over it and maybe chickened out of buying it! I dont know what they used because once it fell off I couldn't stick it back on, there was no adhesive. How they did it I will never know. But I have myself a FRIGGIN LIGHT SABER. My 80's self would be SOO jealous.

When I said it was begging me to price check it, I wasn't kidding, OK it didn't say it, but I must have grabbed it off the shelf and placed it back like 4 times before I worked up the courage to scan it. Maybe it was meant to be.

So yeah it's beautifully made. Makes you feel like Darth Vader except without the black suit. This thing has heft due to the metal handle. It is soo nice. I've always wanted one but nice ones have always been expensive as crap. How does one convince their wife that a $120 light up sword is a good investment. I'm lucky enough to still have my collection. Thank God she likes robots.

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  1. I was completely blown away by the special effects and the adventurous story line so that as each new movie came out I went to see them right away.
    Thanks for sharing...!!!