Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bandai Chogokin Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Aegis

For info on this character, click here. For pictures and video, see below.

While not exactly what I tend to collect, it makes a great addition to my wife's tiny collection AND it has Rocket Punch! So we had to welcome her into our home.
The box is small and feels light in hand.

The back of the box shows the different face options and accessories included.

The tray is neatly laid out with all the parts. Out back you can see the included stand which is nice that they included. She also has the ability to use the stand arm to create a "tripod" feature but Bandai took the extra step to include the base for more aggressive poses.

The figure is rather nice and hefty once in hand. Don't let the lightweight box fool you. While not HEAVY, you can tell there is metal. The metal is made up of the gold bits and joints. The plating of these parts is done real nice.

Up close she still retains sharp detailing.

Here she is with an alternate face and hands with open fingertips.

Yet another alternate face.
...and another slightly angrier one.
Here is a closeup of the said stand.

The stand allows you to get her into poses normally impossible without the stand.
Her forearms are interchangeable with weapon options. This here is the rifle.

This is a good look for her.

(Insert record scratch noise here.) What? is this a full blown Rocket punch?!! With actual rockets on it?!
This is just too cool. No way this was going to not become a piece in my collection.

It is actually spring loaded! I didn't realize this until it accidentally fired while doing the shoot. That little forearm piece contains the firing mechanism. Awesome job Bandai! She is officially the first female recruit into my Rocket Punch Army.
Here's the video. No words, just Aegis.
Music by Kevin Macleod (

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  1. Whoa, this is such a lovely figure! Really like her steampunk-ish look! The rocket punch, in all its retro-looking-greatness really is the cherry on top! Also nice choice in the reviewing format, just letting the figure "speak", you really got me interested in buying this piece!