Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bandai GE-54 VF-25F Chogokin vs. GE-42

I have to admit that the GE-42 VF-25F (ver. 1.0) was an impulse buy because it was on sale. I bought it a few months back and only opened it to check if it was complete. Never transformed it. Then recently it was released again except it was heavily updated and with a GE-54 designation. It is known as the Renewal version or V 2.0. I decided that I would tackle the video for the new one and I went ahead and did a comparison video. I am SO glad I bought the renewal. Having the original really makes me appreciate just how well done the renewal is. I mean I thought the original was OK, but the new one is just right and makes the original look old-school with weird proportions.
GE-54 box (Ver.2.0)

GE-42 box (Ver.1.0)
 The following shows the 2 sets side by side with the GE-42 on the left and the GE-54 on the right.
Both come in a styro tray that is actually the same dimensions but different mold. The renewal is laid out on an angle.

Side by side they can be mistaken for the same set, but looking closer reveals many differences.

Gerwalk mode is OK on the GE-42, but not great, however the GE-54 is much better.
GE-42. Meh.

GE-54. Nice.
The GE-54's legs can be spread and angled out more than the GE-42. You kind of have to cheat with the GE-42 to make it look passable.
Never has the odd proportions of the GE-42 been more evident than when standing next to the new GE-54.

Stunning... now check out the video for more.

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