Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years everyone!

Im blogging from my phone. Been a bit busy past couple of days with holidays and all but here is just some of the stuff you can expect early next year:

- RAH 1/6 Zaborger

-1/6 Tony Montana Scarface from Enterbay
-1/6 Tony Montana Scarface from Blitzway
- two more TFC Hercules figures. Dr. Crank and Structor
-SH Figuarts Barnaby from Tiger and Bunny
-exclusive Soul of Chogokin Energer Z
-6" Twilight Zone invader figure.
-Mattel Voltron Lance figure with red lion. I have a review of this up on my rocketpuncharmy channel. Its a prerelease figure so there are no accessories but you can check it out anyways.

There will probably be some more 1/6 stuff this year added to the already crazy amounts of robot stuff i will be acquiring this year.

So whats my resolution this year? To cut down on stuff that wont really improve my collection. Got too much stuff i dont need. Anyways Have a Happy New Year!

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