Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hot Toys Superman

Review and Pictures by Chachipower


Seriously, this thing is BAD ASS. OK, I don't own many Superman figures. Maybe two. However I am a Superman fan. How is this? Well I realized I was a fan of the the one Christopher Reeve plays in the legendary 1978 film. I got my Hot Toys Superman last night and I was completely blown away. It has been literally years since I had a hard time putting down a figure. I could not stop staring at this or looking at it. On the one hand I wanted to fly it around and pose it but on the other, I knew it was delicate.

I was careful taking it out of the box. I made sure not to snag the cloth on anything. Then I started to examine the face sculpt when my heart sank...the was a mark on the forehead! It was a shiny spot from the clamshell rubbing on it. Then I look at the clamshell. There is a bump that has been purposely molded into it that holds the head back or something. Yes, Hot Toys wraps plastic around the forehead but the rubbing was hard enough to leave a shiny spot. Honestly this is ok if it was a $20 figure. It should be non-existent in a $200 figure. After reading about numerous complaints people have with this figure, I was starting to think that Hot Toys dropped the ball on this one. I also noticed the wire was poking out of the cape. That was an easy fix but still. It's sad because part of the proceeds from the sale of these goes to the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Hopefully this release doesn't end in failure.

Aside from that, like I said, it is BAD-ASS! The box is overkill in a good way. It comes in a diamond shaped box with Fortress of Solitude design stand.

This is the box and the included FOS stand. (This photo was not taken by me)

I was absolutely stunned by the sculpt and painted detail. It looks like real skin. These pictures DO NOT do it justice. Not by a long shot.

It's like looking at the real Christopher Reeve. Check out the freckled skin! The eyes look life-like.

The "S" is nicely done out of a rubbery material. The black outline of the "S" is actually raised. The suit material is quite nice but prone to snags. It is also a bit reflective under certain light.

The boots are really cool. There is very slight airbrushed shading along the bottom. The feet seem to be completely rubber and give it a lifelike feel.

The only piece that keeps it from looking absolutely real is the wrists. but the hand details are great. The set does come with alternate hands.

Some people say the muscular body is bigger than what was seen on screen, but I think it looks darn good.

The cape is line with a copper wire so that you can put is as you like depending on the pose you choose. It allows the cloth to drape realistically over the shoulders. The "S" on the back is also nicely done.

I was being absurdly conservative with my poses during this review. The True Type Hot Toys body used allows an incredible amount of poses. However his arms cannot come straight down against his sides. This is my favorite pose.

If you buy one, keep a look out for shiny foreheads, crooked "S" on front or back, snags on the suit, copper wire broken/poking out of cape, rubs on necks etc. A must buy for Superman fans. The definitive version of this superhero for a long time to come.

There is an exclusive verison available from Sideshow collectibles with a metal Kryptonite necklace for the same price as the regular version, however the regular version has free shipping.

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