Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fujimi Blade Runner Spinner model kit review now on CDX!

Hey all, my review for the Fujimi Spinner kit is now up on CDX. It's about 95% done. Finishing it to 100% would take up a lot more time which I don't have with review/sponsor guidelines and all but it is complete enough to do a nice review for it. All I really need to do to finish it is paint the window trim with matching blue (ran out of paint) and apply window decals. The LEDs are optional so I didnt want to eat away at the review time which was already overdue by about two weeks as it is. I manage to pop in three LEDs to give it at least some lighting.

It's a great kit that can easily be modified to suit your liking and/standards of accuracy. There seems to be a third party aftermarket brewing also. Be sure to pick yours up at HobbyLink Japan who supplied the kit for CDX for me to review. Get yours here.

Make sure to check out the written review on CDX. Also check out the short video clip.

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