Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Exclusive Human Alliance figures $8-$11 at Kmart

I was at Kmart the other day and I'm gonna be honest...I am not a big fan of that place for many reasons which I won't get into here. However they have some good toy clearance sales if you're lucky. I got some Godzilla vinyl and some Tron stuff reall cheap in the past. This time I happened to see some Kmart Exclusive Human Alliance figures. I saw a silver Bumblebee..forgot name and an Exclusive Sideswipe. The sale was for 50% off sticker price. I saw a sticker of $16..To me that means $8

Picked up the Sideswipe with Sergeant Chaos and Icepick since the Bumblebee looked rather small compared to the Sideswipe and well....it's Bumblebee (Who gave Bumblebee the right to take the spotlight over Optimus Prime anyhow?!). Took it to the register after getting into a who-was-in-line first dispute with a total idiot and it rang up $11 (still a good price but NOT 50%) I thought "Here we go again". The lady tried to explain that 50% off $22 is $11. I thanked her for the math lesson and proceeded to explain that 50% off $16 is $8 and all the 500 other HA figures were marked the same so it was not my problem. After 73 overrides and 32 calculations the $8 price was reached. I paid and left. Good riddance. If you find these and they ring up wrong and not in your favor, let it be known you want it and you're "NOT GONNA PAY A LOT FOR THIS MUFFLER!!"..it is not your fault they can't key in the correct amount on the sticker device.

It actually looks pretty cool but movie figs are not my thing. This will be traveling a long distance to it's new owner in Colombia sometime soon.

See that sticker on the upper left next to the Mechtech logo? It would look good with a big FAIL next to it. I guess after taking these promo shots they got a production version in hand and decided it couldn't hold it's weapon. Oh well.

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