Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Transformers Prime Arcee

I started to watch Transformers Prime but then I realized I'm not really big on watching cartoons..especially when the characters are too stylized. However the robot designs were semi cool for designs based on movie figures. One of the designs that stood out to me was Arcee. Finally, a new Arcee with two legs and a normal waist. The Movieverse Arcee was complete garbage...I honestly thought the design was a joke except it wasn't. Horrible toys were made and eventually they ended up in bargain stores with deep discounts...and even then they were peg warmers along with that Ice Cream figure.

I was returning some stuff the other day and happen to roll by the Transformers isle half expecting to see the usual wall of DOTM stuff when a nice blue packaging caught my eye...didn't flinch much until I said to myself...Oh wow, that must be the Prime figures!. I ran over only to find 5 packages of which 4 were Bumblebees and one was Arcee. I obviously grabbed Arcee. I left Bumblebee for a later time since he will obviously be the annoying figure that will litter the pegs when you try and go out to find new figures.

Immediately I noticed the higher end feel of the new packaging. The cardboard seemed to be thicker, the figure is displayed nicely and there is foil lettering on the packaging...almost as if it was meant to be collectible. And most likely it is because of the First Edition designation. Whether the First Edition means it's the first wave of figures or the first edition of the same future figure without the first edition packaging, I do not know.

Notice the foil "First Edition" running down the left side of the blister pack. See that "cool" stand? Yeah it's included. Don't get too excited, it's made out of cardboard. At least they cared to include it.
Although she comes out of the package in alternate mode, I wanted to show you guys robot mode first because I like robots. I have the arm blades on but they can be removed. I prefer to have them off myself.

She looks pretty good all around. I love how the front wheel hangs in the center out back. I also love how they got the rear wheel to split in two to make the back of the legs symmetrical.

Here is a side by side comparison with Animated Arcee.

Yoda: Adequate amounts of articulation she has, hmmmm?

I love motorcycles so I can appreciate the nice looking alternate mode.

From the back it looks a little strange to me, almost like the rear tire is too small or too far extended. What do you think?

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  1. Is the Prime Acree above Takara or Hasbro version?