Monday, August 1, 2011


Bandai is just hitting home runs lately when it comes to the Soul of Chogokin line. They used to make small 7" Chogokins of our favorite characters and lately, they've been making some huge combiners. This thing is massive. Lets take a look from the moment I received it to gattai.

This is what I was hoping to see! Vintage style packaging. I love it.

They are all laid out nicely in the Styrofoam.

There is also a tray for the accessories.

You have to love chain weapons.

Kuuraiou- Notice how on each robot, there is individual arm baggies to keep it from scratching in transit.

Here are the fist sections. The fists fold in and become a nice rectangular box which fits snugly into the main robot's feet.

Here is what it looks like inside the foot.

Here is the rear view of the fist placement on one of the feet and one without for comparison.



Here you can see how they all stack up against each other.

Getting this one to gattai mode requires pulling out arms and folding up legs into waist.

A concern of many was the possibility of scratching on the silver leg part here as seen in the prototypes. There is no need for concern as long as the legs are lined up right. There is very minimal clearance but there should be no cause for concern if you are careful.

Again, with the leg robots, there is concern with paint scratching. As long as everything is lined up carefully, there in no need for concern. Bandai knows what they are doing. I did however remove the head and fists since they will not be seen in robot mode. I'm a little paranoid in getting them scratched when combined. The only downside in removing the heads of the leg robots is that the antenna doesn't stick out of GODSIGMA's thighs when combined.

This piece forms the chest and wings of Godsigma

Once you unfold this, you are ready to place on the main robot. The black bracket that unfolds is diecast. The rest is plastic.

There are panels that fold up around the head of the leg robots. These panels wedge into the inner thighs of the main robot. It seemed a bit weird to me at first...somewhat fragile, but they are solid and go in with a satisfying snap.

The belt section that unfolds from the wing set is a bit tricky to get on lined up and can cause scratching if not careful. Take your time to line everything up so that it snaps into the waist snugly.

Here is the completed robot. It is simply wonderful.

You'll notice back here that I chose to keep the dangling feet off the back. I'm so happy Bandai gives us that option.

Here is how he stacks up against other Chogokin. From the small Xabungle to the big guys- Daltanious, Godmars and Iron Gear.

Overall a great menacing-looking figure when displayed. Quite hefty and very detailed. Spectacular execution and transformation engineering. One of the neatest and precise combinations I've experienced in a while. I love how everything just snaps into place without making you cringe. What's it cost? About $300 shipped. Ouch

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