Sunday, February 6, 2011

2010 Predaking Reissue!

One of my friends in Colombia wanted me to source a 2010 Predaking reissue for him and well, being the friend that I am am I was happy to oblige. Two Predakings were sent my way in their original case. These were preordered and were highly anticipated. I took these pictures to basically show my friend what he should be expecting in the mail. Take a gander at what to expect from this release. The decals have not been applied but you get the idea. Note that the original yellow parts are now gold. Oh and this set has diecast!

Ok, who doesn't remember the good old days when robot toys were big and heavy enough to need a handle?

Well, that retro feel doesn't extend to the interior of the set where the contents are laid out in a vacuum-formed tray- quite nicely I might add.
Pull the tray out and you find all the little extras that come with the set like manual, cards and weapons!

I know I'm doing an injustice by not showing you the combined figure, but If I break, I pay so I leave you with pictures of each individual figure with stickers unapplied.

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  1. this toy it to die for! since childhood i love predaking from transformers. so i really get one of this toy from Private Import Japan. happy collecting cool robot toys like them!