Saturday, February 5, 2011

UN-06 Optimus Prime review

Many of us including yours truly were very excited at the announcement of a new line of figures on our shores called Transformers Generations. The Japanese not wanting to be left out also got their own line of figures called Transformers United which mostly consists of the same figures we get here. Since their demographics consist mainly of collectors and/or people who like to spend, they get much more detailed figures than we do here. Their figures have more paint details and better looking and better painted faction logos.

While the UN-06 is not released (as of this moment at least) in the Generations line, I did not want to pass up the opportunity to review this figure. While I absolutely LOVE the design (like a mini Masterpiece Prime) you may be surprised at my overall thoughts on this figure. Check out my review of this figure on CollectionDX.

And if you are tempted to watch a mini video of my first thought on the figure, then just click below.

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