Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mid-Size Lionbot Golion/Voltron knockoff

What I hold here is a rather seldom seen version of Lionbot. Why is it seldom seen if Lionbots are found EVERYWHERE? Well because this is the mid-size version of Lionbot. It is basically identical in proportions to the full-size Lionbot in a small package. Only a couple of things have been sacrificed in this shrinking. One is the size and the other is the lack of bending elbows. Everything else is present- chrome, diecast etc.

Even the layout inside bares a striking resemblance to the Lionbot set which is a copy of the Popy Golion set. The layout is a tad different but it has the same windowed protective lid showing each piece. You will notice that the shield and Blazing Sword is included but you will not find any lion weapons or missiles.

It didn't occur to me to photograph each individual lion, so I only shot him in combined mode. If he looks a tad leaned, that's because one leg is stubborn going in. If I try any harder, I risk ruining the chrome. If you like what you see, good luck finding one cheap, these things go for huge money even though they are knockoffs. I have no clue if they are from the 80's or recent releases. Mine is super minty fresh so it's hard to tell it's age. I love mine and I paid a pretty penny because I'm a hardcore Voltron guy. Hope you found this piece interesting.

Edit 03/07/2011: Wow, I totally forgot I made a video review of this. Well here it is:

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