Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Upcoming video reviews

Nothing to show off today, but I do have some upcoming videos. Since the influx of new releases is at a standstill, I'll be going over some newish stuff and some old favorites that I haven't covered yet- good news is that if you get the urge to buy these after seeing the review, a lot of them have been drastically reduced since their release.

Here's a few new reviews I got lined up:
  • Yamato GNU-DOU Space Warrior Baldios
  • CM's Brave Gokin Griffon with flight pack
  • Incubot Voltron USB figure
  • Takara Autobot Tracks/Hasbro Turbo Tracks comparo
I'm going to try and make as many videos as I can of all my reviews, whether they be for this blog, CollectionDX or my Youtube channel so stay tuned.

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