Friday, February 25, 2011

Chogokin Drossel

Never thought you'd see the words Disney and Chogokin in the same sentence? Well you just did. That's because Disney made a few CG animated shorts in Japan about Drossel which is a robotic character in those animated shorts. It's a feminine girly robot but it carries so well into a Chogokin figure. It's absolutely stunning. It carries diecast content in almost all it's entirety.

The gloss white is softly offset by some sharp markings showing off manufacturer logos and whatnot plus some black detail. Has a Stormtrooper feel to it. You would think they would make this figure real short but it's actually a tall figure that comes with various alternate pieces and a nice stand. It's actually quite hard to find now as all initial releases were quickly swiped off shelves. If you can find one, I highly recommend it.

Still not convinced? How bout if I told you it has super sweet LED eyes? And darn bright, like lasers. The switch is hidden inside the head so there is no unsightly switches on the outside. Very clever. Beautiful figure.


  1. SHARING VIA FB .... can you please TELL US WHERE WE CAN GET IT =3

    1. Dunno...But I You Find Out, Add One For Me Too! Just Set Her Next To Black Arachnia! ;-)