Friday, February 25, 2011

Patlabor Ingram and Griffon Brave Gokin and D-Style figures

Brave Gokin Ingram & Griffon
Some of you may already be familiar with the Patlabor mechs and their figures, but I felt like just pulling these out cause they are just too cool. The Ingram (white robot) I've had for a while now. It's an amazing little diecast robot made by CM's Corp. It is composed mostly of diecast and some plastic parts. The details are amazing and the design is superb. When it was released it was a very pricey figure, but now it can be found relatively cheap. The cockpit opens so you can insert a small PVC figure. The gimmick on this figure is the working LEDs on the shoulders to simulate the lights on a police car. Yeah, this is a Police robot, hence the name Patlabor a mash up of Patrol and labor. Labors are robots that are driven by humans to do tasks normally associated with heavy machinery. Unfortunately, some of those labors go haywire or are manned by criminals so they must be stopped by Patrol Labors..or Patlabors as they are called.

Anyways I also got the Griffon (black robot) yesterday used. I've had another Griffon figure for a while also but that was the Aqua version, this is the flight version. The difference is in the back pack. The flight version has wings. In the anime, this robot is used for evil deeds. It towers over the Patlabor. The gloss black is amazing. It is also almost entirely made of metal. There are no lighting gimmicks but it doesn't need them at all. I forgot to take pictures of the AWESOME opening cockpit. The head swings up and the upper chest opens and lifts up to reveal a little driver inside. Simply cool.

If you are familiar with Kotobukiya model kits, you may already be aware of their super deformed D-Style kits. So far the line consists mostly of Patlabor characters. For this post, I am showing of the first and third release that correspond to the two diecast figures I am showing here.

The Ingram was the first one I built and it was pretty easy. I didn't go crazy painting it since it is partially prepainted and molded in color. I did very slight weathering to it.

I also built the Griffon recently which was also relatively easy to build. Again, no paint, just slight weathering. Really cool pieces both of them. If you collect robots or chogokin and don't have either of these in your collection, you are missing out. You don't have to know anything about them to enjoy them. I HIGHLY recommend the Griffon over the Ingram. It's taller, more detailed and more limited.

That is all for now, if you want to check out full reviews of the CM's Brave Gokin figures, click here for the Ingram or click here for the Griffon.

If you like the D-style kits, click here for the Ingram or click here for the Griffon.

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