Thursday, February 3, 2011

TRU Transformers on clearance

Just a heads up for all you TF fans. Toys R Us has some Transformers stuff on sale. I was there the other day and they had the ROTF Voyagers clearanced out to $9.98. All I saw were Bludgeons and Ironhides. I picked up the Bludgeon only because of it's discount but I ended up really liking the figure. Feels kinda nice to have ratcheting joints on a TF figure, even if it is an ROTF release (can't stand movie figures). There is a company that makes an aftermarket head for Bludgeon so having that figure on sale, sweetens the deal.

I also saw the Bumblebee mask marked down to $9.98 but Im not really interested in that. Let's see, what else... oh yeah some of the Universe Voyagers were at $19.98 down from $34.99. Oh, how can I forget, the Human Alliance figures were also marked down to $11.99. OK, so I don't like movie figs but a Human Alliance figure for the price of a regular deluxe seems like a good deal. I mean they are nice figures, but I don't like Michael Bay's interpretation of them.

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