Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unboxing of Transformers Rodimus Convoy MP-9 and United Tracks

I hinted in a previous post of an upcoming shipment of goodies. Well, it's here. It's none other than the Takara Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy MP-9! This shipment came to me from who are very cool people over there in Japan. They were kind enough to cancel some preorders for me which is a BIG NO NO when it comes to dealing with them. I do not recommend doing this. They did this for me under special circumstances so do not expect the same results. Usually they will not let you place orders again.

So anyways, it came to me in a high quality cardboard box filled with protective paper. Once I pulled out the paper, there was a Transformers United Autobot Tracks figure which is the Japanese equivalent of the Hasbro Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks. Since I own both versions now, I can say without a doubt that the Takara version of this figure is the one to have! Not only is the flame job on the hood much cooler, but the entire outer body of vehicle mode gets a striking glossy metallic blue paintjob! The Hasbro version has a rubsign in place of the colorful Autobot logo. OK, I get the idea behind the rubsign if you're a kid and know nothing about this figure, but once you rub it and see what faction he belongs to, then why would you ever need to rub it again? Thankfully Hasbro issued these rubsigns diecut instead of the ill-fitting square ones of the past. I'll take the Takara version please. Be prepared to pay up to 3 times as much as the Hasbro version to be one of the cool kids! If you got the money, I recommend the Takara, but if paintjobs are not an issue for you, the Hasbro is still a great figure and one of my favorites.

So without further delay, I give you Rodimus Convoy! Now, I don't know about you guys, but I have been patiently awaiting the release of this figure. In fact, I  knew it was due in my PO today, but when I checked the tracking number, it stated "Retention" in its status! I had a little panic attack but all was good when I saw the slip in my PO Box. I handed it over to the lady and she walked out with a giant box. My eyes got really big at that moment until I held the box which felt really light. I raced (not really...its icy out) home and patiently started on my reviews for some G1 Transformers stickers I got from Surprisingly, I didn't rush through the review so I can open the MP-9. Be sure to check that out too. So I grab open the box and examine it's awesomeness. Its a nice black satin finish offset by high gloss embossed details on the parts where the figure is shown. I sliced open the box, pulled out the huge tray and began to cut away at the pieces of tape holding the two plastic halves together. While I was slicing the tape I kept glancing at the set. The trailer looked huge and Rodimus looked so peaceful in his clear plastic tray. All the while I kept thinking "This doesn't feel as heavy as it looks". No matter, I opened it and grabbed the trailer first and examined it. The plastic seemed "meh" but that is not to say it was of low quality. I'm just used to more substantial pieces made out of metal and such. Underneath were the remnants of some part of the vehicle mode since there was a hood and windshield hidden underneath. Next I examined the accessories for the video I was filming. Finally I went to grab Rodimus and as I tugged on him, he seem to shift rather easily for a figure of his size. Usually not a good sign for me. Sure enough, I pulled him out and was unpleasantly surprised at how light this figure felt. OK, so it's not really light but considering it's size, the weight threw me off. Keep in mind I usually deal with diecast robots so the feeling of lightness is only relative. However, if you have let's say Masterpiece Convoy/Optimus Prime as your only Masterpiece release and you buy this, then you may also be surprised. If you have the Masterpiece Skywarp/Starscream etc. then you more or less know what to expect.

Am I disappointed? Not at all, it's still an incredible figure and I haven't even tried transforming it yet. Do I feel it's worth the $200+ asking price? Hard to say. On one hand between the packaging and contents of this figure, you can see that a lot of work was put into it. On the other hand, it costs more than twice as much as a heavy diecast Masterpiece Optimus prime. To be fair, there is more engineering in the Rodimus and you get a trailer.

Feel free to check out my unboxing of this Rodimus Convoy figure and see what your impression is. Keep in mind it's not a complete review.

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