Friday, February 25, 2011

Part of my Voltron collection

Ok, so anyone who really really knows me, knows that even though my avatars on robot related sites is Daitarn 3, it is not Daitarn 3 that is my favorite robot. My favorite robot is Voltron. The Voltron show got me into the robot, so I am more a fan of the robot design than I am a fan of the show. In fact I prefer to watch Golion over Voltron anyday. Voltron seems rather childish in its edited form over what Golion offers in its unedited story.

One day on, someone had posted their collection of Voltron/Golion/Lionbot variants so I thought it would be fun to show of some of what I have. I gathered some of what I have because for me to gather everything I have would take a very very long time. I layed some of the stuff out and took a picture. If this isn't the perfect example of an obsessed Voltron fan, I don't know what is. I have duplicates of everything. I love this figure. I absolutely cannot stand robot animals that turn into robots (like Power Ranger robots) but the creators just made the lions so damn cool that it worked. Oh and it also works for a few other robots like Daltanious.Yes I agree Voltron is rather cheesy looking in some respects,  but I have been obsessed with it since I first saw the show on TV in the 80's and there is no end in sight. I even have a Voltron toothbrush and table cloth. Well enjoy this partial view into my world of Voltron. I will be showing off bits here and there so stay tuned.


  1. Are you Matthew Munro on Facebook? I just saw this posted today:

  2. This is the only picture I can find of the Voltron I recently acquired you have the same one (with the yellow shoulder and hip sockets) directly below the largest one in your picture.any idea of its value?