Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fewture ES Alloy Gokin Getter 1

Finally getting some energy back up after Toy Fair 2011. Let's get back to robots that have passed through my hands recently. What I have here today is Fewture's ES Alloy Gokin Getter 1. It comes in a very classy box. The cardboard is very thick and features chrome lettering.

The back of the box has really nice graphics. I am really liking this line of figures.

Inside the box is 2 plastic trays. One has the figure and accessories and the other has the included stand.

 It's a neat little figure. Very high quality for such a small size. I had a bad experience with their 1969 Mazinger which was a QC nightmare and very expensive. On the other end of the spectrum is this figure. Affordable and great quality so far. The eyes have a light up feature which require 2 LR4's to activate. There is a micro switch behind its head. The fit and finish is top of the line. I really just sat there and admired how nice this figure is. The paint gloss is really well applied. All details were very clear. It seems to be highly articulated. I wish I had batteries... Oh well, until we meet again.

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