Friday, February 25, 2011

Unboxing of Chogokin GE-42 VF-25F Messiah Alto Custom

This is one of those figure I keep stored away because I have no space in my room for it. Well I wanted to open it and take a look at it simply because I was bored. I opened it and then quickly put it away. I held off on transforming it because I surely would not put it away and be forced to shove it into my display case. I've learned to reign myself in when it comes to display pieces so that my display cases don't end up looking so sloppy that it makes my wife embarrased to bring people to the house.

Anyways, the fit finish looks real nice and scores high points for coming in a styrofoam tray. I hope to one day have more space so that I can transform him and display him alongside some of my other Macross figures.

If you can't wait til then, then you can check out the CDX VF-25F review here.

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