Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ben 10 Hyperalien Highbreed and Vilgax Vinyl figures

 More vinyl toys!
I saw these figures over at Toy Fair and they looked real sweet. Atom of CollectionDX had been talking about these but I had no clue how good they really were till I hit up the Bandai booth. I decided to track these down and found them for the awesome price of $9.99 each! That's right Bandai vinyl figures for less than 10 bucks. I swiped up both. They are incredible detailed for their price. These could easily cost way more if they were made by a high end vinyl company. The vinyl feels sturdy and has a nice smooth texture on Vilgax and a white/black matte finish on Highbreed. Highbreed has articulation on the shoulders and hips. Vilgax is limited to the shoulders.

I like how the very first time you try and move the arms, they "snap" due to the material sticking. Then they free up. Leave them alone for a few minutes and you get to unsnap them again. Real cool. They are about 9" tall. I suggest picking both of these up even if you are just a very casual vinyl collector like me. I know they got the four armed red guy coming out soon so pick that one up too. I only have a few Godzillas and these. I love em. I hope to do a full review of these on collectiondx.com some day.

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