Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fewture ES Alloy Gokin Getter 2

BAM! Right after Getter 1, I had the pleasure of checking out Getter 2! That's right, there is a follow up to Getter 1. These bad boys have been delayed over and over and they are finally just seeing the light of day. Getter 2 comes in the same style box as Getter 1, but a bit smaller.

The back features some of the same great graphics found on the other ES Alloy figures. You get to check out all the accessories and gimmicks you get with this release. The gimmick with this release is a motorized drill. I couldn't figure out how to activate it. I really do need to arrange some alone time with these figures. It's torture to have to say goodbye so quickly.

Inside you will find 2 trays. One for the figure and accessories and one for the included stand. Also comes with a full color booklet.

The figure itself is very pleasant. The white chest piece and abdomen are all diecast. All moldings are sharp and paint apps are excellent except for a couple of chips I found on the backside (very minute). It is more pose-able than it seems. The head moves, the waist moves. It's little skinny and sharp legs are fully articulated. The claw opens and if you have a battery, the alternate drill spins. I have no clue how that works, I don't see wires anywhere. It must be self contained... Hopefully one day I'll find out. Its a great little high end toy. Highly recommended.

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