Wednesday, February 2, 2011 stickers for G1 Jazz and G1 Sunstreaker

Today I received something really cool in the mail. I received my repro stickers for a couple of my G1 Transformers figures that sorely needed some sticker action. Here are my reasons for buying these stickers. My Jazz figure is a Meister Takara Encore version which is a new release of the G1 Jazz from the 80's. The problem here is that I was afraid that the Encore stickers would not be up to par as I've read online. My other figure is the G1 Sunstreaker. It is minty fresh out of the box. Now, before you scold me, yes it's brand new out of the box, but it is not an original. This is an honest to goodness knockoff! Great box and all. I know it's not right to buy knockoffs, but what choice do I have? Not buy one?, buy a genuine? ($$$$) or buy a crappy old one? Nah. Well since there is no Encore version of this figure, I bought a knockoff. This is a damn great knockoff. Better quality than the genuine Takara Encore Jazz! Anyways, this knockoff may be good, but the stickers are pure SUCK.

So I placed an order from and ordered the sticker for these two. I was very surprised at the quality of these. These are not home-made type stickers. These are professionally printed and die-cut decals. The Jazz stickers came with two sheets. One sheet had the chrome stickers and the other had the clear type decals. What's great about reprolabels products is that they not only replace the badly applied decals on your used transformers, but they also include extra decals to restore painted details too! The Sunstreaker stickers even came with a factory installed sticker-the black trapezoidy thingy on the chest which the bootleggers unfortunately (or fortunately) left out of the finished product.

Before these stickers arrived, my Jazz was looking rather bland as was my Sunstreaker. They look good as-is out of the package, but they were perfect candidates for some stickers.

After applying the stickers to my bland Transformers, I was in awe of their new-found sexiness. I am so happy with the end results. What I liked is that they are super-sticky and still allow some re-placement so you can set 'em straight before patting them down. They don't get ruined easy either. I ran my nail across the surface and it left no marks. 

I especially liked what these stickers did for my Sunstreaker. I love this guy even if he is a bootleg. The decals really brought out the life in this figure. It's a very 80's looking sticker theme but hey, that's the charm of these figures!

Overall, I'm very happy with what they have to offer. They also offer replacement stickers for other toys besides Transformers. I will definitely be buying some more stickers soon. They also offer decals to upgrade and customize your figures so check 'em out.

Oh, almost forgot! For every $10 you spend, they send you a sticker sheet of Autobot and Decepticon logos! And just in case you are wondering, no they did not sponsor these decals to me. I placed an order just like anyone else would and paid for them with real money! I am just a satisfied customer.

Update 02/06/2011: I have video review of these stickers now.

Part 1

Part 2

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