Friday, January 27, 2012

Youtube 200 Subs giveaway

As of right now, I have 195 subscribers on my Youtube channel. To celebrate the upcoming 200th sub, I will be doing a giveaway. I've narrowed it down to a robot-related giveaway, possibly a Transformer of sorts. I will be keeping the giveaway simple and non-expensive just to see how it goes this time. If everything goes well and I keep hitting subscriber milestones, I'll think about investing a bit more. For now don't expect a Masterpiece figure. I'm shooting for a deluxe class figure of a character I own here in my collection that hasn't been opened and that I won't miss too much if I give away. The important thing is that it's FREE and it's my way of thanking you guys for the support. There will be a tiny string attached which I will get into later on. The only way to get in on this action is to obviously subscribe if you haven't and keep an eye out for the upcoming vlog video with details. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bandai Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Heroes Action Figure - NRG

Been almost a month since my last post. To be honest, I had a long post full of updates that just disappeared while working on it, so I let if be. Now I'm back to kick it off with some toy reviews. I will try to do aome more reviews in the future to keep things going.

Today to kick it off, I'll be doing NRG from Ben 10 since he is a pretty cool design.

NRG is a figure that to put it shortly is contained inside this specialized suit because his real form cannot be contained otherwise because he is a bundle of radioactive energy.

Bandai did a great job with the sculpt. Looks like he popped off the screen. This is not the small one that's available. It's a good deal bigger and features some gimmicks.
The back has some extra bits because of the gimmicks. There is a hinge visible for the hatch and the compartment for the button batteries used for the light gimmick.
A big disappointment is the articulation. While the arms do swing up and the legs swivle for no good reason, that's pretty much it. No elbows or knees. Not a deal-breaker but it would have been nice to have a bit more. The good thing is that it keeps the figure clean if you are a display-only collector like me.
One of the things that bothered me about the smaller NRG figure was the fact that the hatch didn't open...
...fortunately, this version does have an opening hatch that reveals his insides.
It is nicely detailed and lights up when you hold down the chest emblem!
A nice surprise was the included bar of clay(?) that is meant to be molded into whatever shape you like. It's meant to replicate NRG's tru form. So it's definitely not candy as made evident by the little warning symbol. I'm actually surprised this is included in this day and age of safety standards where anything could be considered dangerous. All it takes is for someone to plug up their ears with this or choke on it and it goes the way of the old-school robot missiles.
This photo cannot accurately capture how cool this looks. Trust me, it's awesome.
You can find this figure for $12-$15 currently. Check it out. Video coming soon.