Monday, February 20, 2012

Updates 2/20/2012

So I know my posts are thinning out here on my blog, I've just been a tad busy. However my Youtube channels are still going strong. I plan to do more reviews here on the blog as soon as I get more time. To see what I've been keeping busy with, check out my Toy Fair V-log.

For you loyal readers, I try and fill you guys in on stuff I will review on my channels here before they go up on Youtube. So what do I have planned you ask?

Right now I'm working on a R.I.D. Prime Wheeljack review which is rendering as I type this and as my laptop burns my lap because of the processing power I put it through when making videos. Other stuff I am working on is:
-S.H. Monster Arts Mechagodzilla
-Chogokin 1975 Mechagodzilla GD-98
-R.I.D. Cliffjumper, Bumblebee and Voyager Optimus Prime.

For CollectionDX:
-Evolution Toy Jeeg (cant wait even though not a big Jeeg fan)
-Hercules written review

So as you all know I hit up Toy Fair so check out these cool vids I shot of the GX-61. Stay tuned for video of the Bluefin display, or just watch the Vlog Ep. 8 video at the beginning of this post.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Found a bunch of TF Prime RID figures

Yeah so i found a bunch of TF RID figs including Soundwave with Ravage the morning before the Hasbro event and was going to buy the figures but decided to get them after the show. BAD IDEA. They were all sold out. Didnt think ahead enough to know everyone would run out of the event and hit up the Times Square TRU and clean it out.

Mattel Voltron at Toy Fair 2012

Just got to check out the Mattel Voltron today. Very good presense. Very tall and bigger than expected. Make sure to check out for all the details on Toy Fair coverage.

Friday, February 3, 2012

6" Thundercats classics Lion-o and Mumm-ra

Didnt realize these were out already. These were the only ones left. They look REALLY cool. Can't wait to check em out and get reviews up.