Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bandai Thundercats 6" Mumm-Ra figure

If you read my post about the 4" Mumm-Ra, you'll remember I said little 4" Mumm-ra was a bit of a peg-warmer. Well his "changed form" is not in that peg-warming club. It was a little harder to find this one, but I got it and I love it. Obvioulsly a much more articulated figure than the entry level 4". It comes with tons of accessory pieces- alternate hands, huge claw, sword and a huge flame shaped double ended sword-weapon thingy.

Look at all the body seperations...LOTS of articulation points!

The red headpiece and the two bandages flowing from the side of the head have to be attached to the figure. You need to remove the helmet to do this.

Here you can see one of the two alternate hands it comes with to hold a weapon.

This ia a crazy-ass weapon! It's actually two bladed weapons that come together to form one huge one. Also check out the outrageous arm claw! Its got really long fingers.

Man, I used to think the old Mumm-Ra was cool... Now he just looks like a zombie Mike Tyson. Too bad I lost the head piece.
If you want one of these, they are about $17.99 a pop. Hopefully they get easier to find.

Bandai Thundercats 4" Mumm-Ra

Yes, more Thundercats folks! I know, I know, this is a blog about "Rocket Punching" robots but it shouldn't be taken literally, I am a pushover for other stuff too. Especially great Thundercats toys. I picked up a little 4" Mumm-ra I wanted to show you guys. Seems he is none too popular with the kids because at every store that I see that people have emptied out of Thundercats stock, this one is always hanging around unloved. I don't get it, I think mummified Mumm-Ra is pretty cool. The legs aren't articulated, but the wrists, arms and head is. That's enough to have fun with isn't it?

I wonder if the sword was an afterthought...he doesn't really hold it. It just lays there waiting to fall at the slightest touch. The claw clips on very securely though.

Sword can be stowed in the claw just like Lion-O

I don't care if kids don't scramble to buy these, just means more for us Mumm-Ra fans! These cost about $7.99

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bandai Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite - RX78-02 Gundam The Origin

Have you heard the news? According to CDX:

"Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite - RX78-02 Gundam The Origin by Bandai. Made of Die-cast, ABS, PVC & POM. 180mm (7.1 inches) tall." approx 12,000 Yen if memory serves me correct.

This sucker looks great, I was freaking out about it's release and missing out, but then I got an "order ready" confirmation...I had forgotten that I preordered this long ago! So I'm safe. If you know me, you'll know I'm not big on Gundam, but I am a sucker for the RX-78-2. This set supposedly comes with some novels of some sort as a bonus. Make sure you check out my review as I will be starting to do reviews here on my blog, nothing fancy, more photography than written, but it should be fun stuff. Here are some pictures to hold you over until I get it (I know I get my stuff relatively early here in the US, but this guy is being shipped SAL..better to pay 20 bucks rather than almost 60, I got mouths to feed)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I've been pretty much ignoring the whole hurricane thing because I'm an idiot and I was being totally ignorant. Then I really sat down to check it out. Turns out my city is in the eye of the storm as of tomorrow. It feels like the end of the world around here because ALL the stores have been ransacked and stripped to nothing. People have bought ALL the water and supplies. Two days ago we felt it was a good idea to prepare, just in case. Well it turns out that was a good idea because we were able to at least get two cases of water and a little bit of food. We tried to hit up dollar stores to pick up batteries and flashlights. No lighting supplies to be found at the dollar stores...no matches. Nothing. Today we freaked because we thought our daughter would not have enough food to last her into Monday so we made the trek out to Target to get formula. The lot was completely full, the lines at the register was crazyyyyy. To top it all off, it started raining hard. Within 10 minutes, streets were flooding. There is a curfew and major highways are closed, mass transit shut down, massive evacuations everywhere. I even saw a rendering of New York City partially underwater...

Then all of a sudden, I'm like...MY COLLECTION! I freaked because if the basement floor floods, there goes a good amount of my newer collection (the old/vintage/pricey stuff is elevated a couple of feet, but my transformers and newer gokin/figures might take a swim. So I went down and rearranged stuff and my treasure chest (its an honest to goodness chest) which holds my most favorite figure (a Popy Golion) is on the floor. Even though the box is wrapped in plastic and then wrapped in a bigger bag to prevent damage from flooding, its not 100% waterproof for too long, so I will have to keep running downstairs to check on my stuff. Hopefully everything will be OK and the flood will not affect us much, not only because of my stuff, but because I see all the damage it's causing everywhere else, some people dont have the luxury about worrying about material things, they are running for their lives and some are losing them.

THE ROBOT SPIRITS Ryujinmaru (the robot from Keith Courage in Alpha Zone TurboGrafx-16 game!)

I couldn't jump at this figure fast enough when it came my way, I recognized it immediately as the robot from the very first TurboGrafx-16 game I had- Keith Courage in Alpha Zone! It was a corny name for a corny game but it's graphics were the s#!t back then. I ended up doing a review for CollectionDX on this figure which just so happens to be another really cool Robot Spirits  figure. Not cheap...but very cool. It comes with a little Wataru or if you prefer, Keith Courage to lessen the blow to the wallet. Check out the review! Video below.


As usual, I've been hard at work on reviews for CDX. My latest is The ROBOT Spirits 96 Codarl from the Full Metal Panic anime. Initially the silver struck me as nice, but when I got the figure in my hand, I decided it was bad-ass. I don't think I've come across a bad Robot Spirits figure thus far. I've reviewed a few and they've all been really good figures. I admit, they are frackin expensive for such small plastic toys, but they are great plastic toys. Check out the full review I did for this guy on collectiondx.com. Video below.

Space Sheriff Metal Hero figure

I ran across this in a for sale section for $8 so I had to have it. It comes with no box, just styrofoam. It's missing his weapons, but the cool part is that the light function still works! Bandai sold this in the US under a different name too. I'll show you guys that figure too which I picked up at the 2011 Summit in a later post. This figure features a diecast build and chrome finish. It truly is a nice figure although I believe this is a bootleg because it looks different than my Bandai version and there are no manufacturer stampings anywhere on the figure.
Missing sword and gun...oh and box. That rectangular styro block across his shins is custom made by me :)


It's a bit hard to see, but his light up feature is activated in this photo. The LEDs are in his visor and in his chest.

I finally got Warpath!

Ok, so I didn't JUST get him, it was a month ago but I was a bit behind in announcing that I finally was able to find him. He might be old news to you folks that bought him when he came out, but I was only recently able to acquire him myself. New stuff takes a while sometimes because they don't stock up until old stuff gets sold...meaning movie figs. Kinda like him and he definitely reminds me of the old G1 figure, just way more poseable.

Bandai Web Shop Limited Steel Saints Land Daichi & Marine Ushio

Updated 09/12/11 with Video!

I have this in my possession at the moment but unfortunately, like a few things I come across it is not mine. However the owner was kind enough to let me open it to check its contents and do a review on it. While I was happy to be able to check out the contents, I passed on the review. I wanted him to have the luxury of putting it together himself. Doing a review on this big set would require much more time than I have available unfortunately. Thanks anyways for the offer, if you are reading this! UPDATE: I DID THE REVIEW!

For those not familiar with the Saint Myth Cloth line, they are basically highly articulated figures that come with a cool feature- DIECAST ARMOR! Alone they are but mere high quality action figures, but when combined with their "cloth", they become hefty high quality jewels. As an added feature, their cloth/armor can combine to form an "object" Normally this object would for an animal that kind of looks like a armored decoration...kinda sorta like having knight armor chilling in your living room, except these are more colorful. This set actually takes it one step further. Instead of animals, their objects are vehicles! If you like this, good luck in finding it cheap. It is a Bandai Tamashii exclusive so secondary market prices are insane. Video below.

Marine Ushio

Land Daichi

Unboxing video

Figure Review

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Youtube Channel, SUBSCRIBE!

Guys, I sent out a bulletin about starting a new Youtube channel. My new channel will be 100% dedicated to my reviews and robot happenings. "Chachipower" channel will be more of my band stuff and racing videos although it seems I will be leaving my older videos on there to avoid breaking links on other site. All my new content will be shown on RocketPunchArmy channel.

Make sure to visit the new channel and make sure you subscribe to get all the news on my videos.


Summit Haul: Soft Garage Legend of Gokin Tetsujin 28

I remember reading a review on this very same figure, literally this very same figure. I came upon it online and realized it was my buddy from CDX selling it so I asked him to bring it to the Summit. At the Summit it came time to decide whether or not I wanted it and I kind of had no money to pick it up. In the end I decided that I would regret not getting it, so home with me it went. I'm so happy I got this. It's stunning. Not as "sharp" as your standard Gokin release, but it is one heavy solid mofo. The box is styled a bit like old Popy boxes with awesome box graphics.
 The back has some cool pictures and info.
 Here is the contents in a beautiful styro tray. Looks so good you can eat it. See the little radio above his head? It is SOLID Diecast. Awesome. Look at the amazing gloss on his body. This thing is pure quality.
 I almost did try to eat this figure because it almost looks like candy, but I broke some teeth. Instead I just stare at its gokin beauty. Paint is beautiful, it's heavy due to being practically ALL Diecast, and it's a cute Tetsujin. If you want a light floppy figure, look elsewhere.

If you want to see him in the CDX review, click here.
ShogunDan (R.I.P.) also did a review on the variant color of this guy, the Karoria Tetsujin (Mass Production) version, so check it out.

$30 for a Transformer?! Target Exclusive Leadfoot

Today I was working on a review for collectiondx.com and I hear my wife scream "$30? You paid $30 for a Transformer?!" I said "Umm yeah" I was going to go on about how it's an exclusive and they always disappear from the shelves so it's good to get em while you can, but I left well enough alone. Now, I'm not a big fan of Human Alliance figures...wait, it's not so much the figures but the fact that they are movie designs. The toys are high quality, but it's movie designs which make me wanna stick my finger in my mouth and gag. However, this one is special. Do you know who Juan Pablo Montoya is? He is the driver of the #42 Target Nascar car. So? Well he is Colombian like me although from a different city, but I thought it was cool that a person from my country is sort of associated with the Transformers franchise. Unfortunately, his name and flag do not appear above the doors. However, I can easily change that one day. I plan to customize it into looking more like his current car and have it display his name and flag. I still can't believe I paid $30 for a movie figure...a tubby fat looking one no less. Oh well.
Supposedly that's a Sergeant Detour figure, but we all know it's Juan Pablo Montoya with his helmet on.


TRU Haul

Ever pass by a Toys R Us and then contemplate whether to go in or not, all in the name of not spending money? That happened to me the other day. I went to move into the far lane to enter the plaza and then blew it off...never went. Felt good. There probably wasn't anything good I thought to myself. Old stock probably. Continued on my merry way. Then later in the day, on the way home I swerved over to catch the U-turn to go to the TRU and my wife asked "What are you doing?....Going to TRU?" I gave her such a poop eating grin and she laughed at me. Hell yeah I'm going, I feel lucky!

So we went in...no Masterpiece Rodimus's, no good Generations figures...So I hit the Thundercats isle which was RANSACKED on release day expecting to find an empty shelf... and it was empty except for a few unloved 4" Mumm-Ra's (really? he is super cool!). But right below was a 6" Lion-O, then a 4" Lion-O, 4"Tigra, Thundertanks, vehicles....then HOLY MOLY, an 8" Classic Tigra! Is there a Lion-O? Nope...no problem, I have the Exclusive version so all was good. THEN I look down and see a MASSIVE Lion-O figure. S#!t I thought... Which one should I get? I just told my wife I have no cash! Then a little Lion-O appeared on my shoulder and said...tell her each one cost $10 so it doesn't sound expensive! Awesome idea little Lion-O dude! Score. So there I am with my baby daughter in her car seat laying in the cart and a huge box sticking out. My wife is like WTH is that? She looked and saw a big Lion-O and just rolled her eyes. Then she noticed Tigra...she asked "How much?" I said "$20" then she shrugged it off and continued to look at baby products. I love my wife. So today she screams out "$30?!! you paid $30 for a Transformer?" All I could say is "Umm yeah? But that's another story. I gotta go throw out the receipt for these guys.

SDCC Exclusive 8" Old Lion-O

It makes me laugh when something is labeled "Exclusive" when it is readily available outside of that event. The downside is that you usually pay a premium. That's much better than the premium of paying for flights and hotels, waiting in line etc. I will gladly pay double. Fortunately for me, in this case I didn;t have to pay a premium. I just logged into Toys R Us's site and ordered me one. I took the liberty of using my $5 coupon while I was at it. So I paid $34.99 plus shipping which came out to even less than what they were asking for at the show and MUCH less than what eBay is asking. Anyways, here is a quick look. I haven't decided whether or not I will pull it out of the box since its the same as the standard release..except this one does gave a fancier paint job, chrome Swords of Omens and a sword stand.

Someone at TRU decided to toss this thin box into a big box with no packing material. I've seen unboxings of this figure from TRU and they got air pillows...come on now TRU! Where's the love?
There have been a lot of complaints of the unpainted foot joints and dramatic weathering paint apps this figure has, they are too unrealistic and overdone supposedly. Maybe, but it does have chrome swords!
Old Lion-O next to his new 2011 self (which is a darn good figure BTW).

Will online prices drop? Will TRU have enough to go around at $40? Don't know, but don't procrastinate either unless you don't give a darn about the exclusive features (fancy paint, chrome, stand).

Summit Haul: Popy Hi-Metal L-Gaim

Yeah, this is a Hi-Metal figure, but it's not one of those wimpy Valkyrie type Hi-Metals, this beast packs some stamped steel parts like the almighty god of Chogokins- the Popy Chokinzoku Tetsujin 28! Yup, there are steel panels on this bad boy. It's such a great toy and pretty tall but its Achilles heel is the brittle brown plastic that is used on the limbs, hoses and pretty much everywhere internally. Upon grasping his arms, the weapon brackets disintegrated into sand. In fact, when I was being shown the figure at the Summit, when the box was opened, a few pieces of brown plastic escaped...surely a bad sign. Fortunately the working pistons are still intact even though they are made of the brittle brown substance. While bot immediately evident, most everything underneath the white is made of brown. The white plastic is sturdy, but fails at staying white. Still, I am happy to have this in my collection. Thanks Jon!
Great box art.

This is back when they gave a damn about toys.
 The hoses in the baggies below are stiff and brittle. Useless. You really need to like the design of this robot and the toy's history to love this toy with so many flaws.
Please brown skeleton pieces, stay together forever! The feet are diecast.

THE ROBOT SPIRITS Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troops - Zanda Cross

You may remember I had this guy in a post a while back, but certain things in life come and go. Recently, CDX gave me the opportunity once again to indulge in Zanda Cross goodness. I did a full review for it on CDX, so check it out!

Voltron 3D Stand Up Puzzle

Is there such thing as collecting too much Voltron stuff? I think I've entered that realm of yes. I recently picked up this 3D Standing Puzzle.

 I thought I'd want to put it together...that is until I opened the box and a wave of laziness came over me. Maybe some other time, or maybe never.