Sunday, November 25, 2012

Better Masterpiece Optimus Prime distribution?

I was suckered into going to the mall again by my wife so I decided to make a pitstop after I found out it was the only TRU in like a 50 mile radius to have them in stock. I rushed in since I'm sure Jersey scalpers were in full effect this Sunday.
Upon entering the store, I rushed to the Transformers isle where just as I was about to be disappointed, I saw 3 MPs laying there. Before I had a chance to even grab one, I looked up and saw that there was a tower of MP-10's! Of course I grabbed a sealed case!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Transformers MP-12 LAMBOR Sideswipe in-hand pictures

I received my BBTS Pile of Loot today and my MP-12 was part of it! I opened this a little to late in the night to take proper pictures but I had to at least post something up. The only thing I could say bad about this is that it has some sloppy paint apps, but the figure itself is awesome. The vehicle mode itself is small but the size in robot mode looks bigger than expected despite its small alternate mode. Looks to be my favorite TF of the year. Stay tuned for proper pictorial/video review.

Some people complained that the backpack sticks out too much if you fold the windows in. That is tru if you dont fold them in properly. They are double hinged so that they retract further in and allow the windshield to lay flat against the back. Some people would leave the windows unfolded and this would create a wide looking back.
Video now up!

VLog update: quickies and Eps. 23, 24 & 25

I got around to doing a few VLog updates. Some hauls and stuff I'm selling plus a bunch of other cool stuff.


Snow Storm Transformers Hunting

Buy My Stuff!

Ep.23: NYCC update

Ep. 24: Hurricane Sandy and stuff

Ep. 25: BIG HAUL and stuff

Now Live: iGear MW-03 Hench video

Finally got around to reviewing this sucker. Check it out, he's actually pretty good.