Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kids Logic Mecha Nations 01 Optimus Prime figure

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I had preordered this way in advance due to the fact that doing so would secure an exclusive clear figure to go along with this one. After that, I pretty much forgot about it until early samples started landing in reviewers' hands. I watched JoshB's review which made me a bit antsy to receive it. He mentioned that his came with a foil pouch and a single hand which he assumed was a bonus for early samples. He would be correct.

Now that I finally received mine, I couldn't help but shoot it. It is beautiful. But first, let's start with the packaging which deserves a bit of spotlight.
The figure comes in a beautiful glossy slipcover type box. The outside is colorful ans sports the sunburst grid pattern to give a G1 feel to the overall presentation. Off to the right, you will notice some chrome striping. This chrome striping is actually the inner box.
The chrome detail extends to the spine end of the innerbox. It shows Optimus Prime's name and Autobot faction logo.
The back shows exactly what you would expect it to. Notice the Hasbro logo on the lower left. Normally, it would be Hasbro who would make Transformers figures, but I suspect the non-transforming nature of this figure allows it to be licensed. Thank goodness for this because Hasbro could/would never make anything this good.
Removing the outer sleeve reveals the remainder of the inner box which is done in a flat black with a chrome Autobot logo.
The back features a rolling credits of sorts which seems to be the norm with high end figures.
Now on to the contents. Everything is laid out neatly in the center of the tray with some extra tray material surrounding it all which explains the size of the box.
The bottom tray holds the surprisingly nice tray. It features a brushed steel look which at first glance looks like real metal. When I looked underneath, it looked like chromed plastic. Hard to tell if the top has real metal. If not, it's very convincing. It also has an adjustable arm.

The figure itself is captivating. Upon opening the box, you are hit with a whiff of PVC followed by a feeling of opening something really special. The colors hit you hard when you first see them. Even my wife said wow as she walked by. Sadly the camera will never catch the amazing paint. It needs to be see in person. It seems to be painted in silver followed by a coat of candy red and blue.
Looking at the back reveals more detail and paneling. You will also notice the screw holes which in my opinion don't take away from the look of the figure. I am very used to this with all the other robot figures I collect which are mainly made up of diecast metal. Speaking of which, I am not even sure whether or not this has any diecast in it. It doesn't appear to, but the weight and screw holes would fool anyone.

While I don't go into articulation in this written review, he does have 22 articulated joints! Most of them are ratcheted, including his head and neck.
I dont think I need to say that the sculpting is awesome. I mean just look at it. You need to understand Super Deformed or Chibi styling to really understand why the proportions are the way they are. I dig this design and the proportions are exactly what I would expect them to look like. Nothing looks too "off" or exagerrated. Even his gigantic head looks right.

So yeah, this figure has 14 LEDs. Even the faction logo on his arm lights up by pressing it. There are a total of 18 batteries in this figure to create this look. It will be a costly replacement should you decide to leave these on for extended periods of time.

You can see two interior lights inside tha cab and four lights on top of the cab.
An excellent feature is the way the Matrix lights up in his chest. The Matrix is also removable.

Included in the set is a soft PVC Energon Axe which requires removal of his hand. notice the optional open hand I am using on his opposite hand.

Here is Prime holding his gun which houses 3 of those batteries for it's LED gimmick. Using this weapon requires an optional hand that grips the gun.
For some reason, his panels come off to reveal a skeleton of sorts. I am hoping this is what will be used to create other characters. Having removable panels should lessen the amount of tooling required to make other figures and also keep the price down. 
 As a matter of fact, here is a video that teases future releases!

Here is that stand. Followers and subscribers will know I am not a big fan of numerous weapons and figure stands. However if you are just displaying a figure on a non-cluttered shelf or on an office desk, this will provide just the right amount of "Hey, I am important and cool enough to have a nice stand".

Here is a look at the arm that comes with the stand. It is full adjustable.

While the stand is not an indication that Prime needs help standing, cause he doesn't, it sure does look nice. Like a piece of delicious candy served on a fancy dish.
So where is the exclusive clear figure? Stay tuned for it. meanwhile if you are looking for one of these, check out BigBadToyStore

Monday, February 10, 2014

Popy Victora DAIRUGGER XV mini Gokin robot toy with review video

I am a sucker for little cheap vintage robot toys. This happens to be one of them. The Popy Victora Dairugger.
This specimen is dead stock, case fresh
The back shows some incredible artwork.
There is a certain charm about these figures.
It was made to be really really cheap, for those kids that weren't fortunate enough to get the more deluxe versions, but the detailing is still fairly nice.
For some reason, they took liberties in the colors.
Proudly made in Japan
It comes with a small Land Team rubber vehicle
To the right of the Victora Dairugger XV is the Taiwan bootleg version which aside from having more correct colors, has Rocket-Punch gimmick!

Check out the video below


If I'm not mistaken, this is a limited release of about 50 figures made in this red color. It's a KO Browning recently released. I paid about $45 for it when it first came out. It basically like the popular G1 Megatron. This actually comes from the same line Megs came from before he was rebranded as a Transformer.
it comes in a styrofoam brick which comes inside of a nice brown cardboard box...which I didn't photograph. Sorry
It feels SOOO vintage. But it isn't.
Color instructions
You get a pair of sticker sheets. Black and Silver
Wanna see a full review? Check out the video!