Friday, July 18, 2014

MP-18 Streak Bluestreak KO Masterpiece comparison and review

I received a package from the other day. It was none other than a long awaited  Masterpiece MP-18 Replica (KO). Here are a few comparison pictures in vehicle mode.

On the KO (LEFT), the window was very clouded compared to the Takara (RIGHT). In hand the difference is not as bad as this closeup. I will be trying to buff it out from underneath in case it is mold release.

Takara (LEFT), KO (RIGHT)

Takara (LEFT) KO (RIGHT)

Takara (LEFT) KO (RIGHT)

Takara (LEFT) KO (RIGHT) I noticed the Z emblem has en extra ring and the Autobot logo is better printed on the KO
The headsculpt is where you will find the biggest difference.
The KO (LEFT) has a softer sculpt in the helmet but has a more symmetrical face. The Takara has a sharper sculpt but something is up with the right side cheek. it sits higher and cuts through the edge of his mouth and not the other. Clearly though, the Takara seems better finished.

If you wanna see them together in robot mode, check out the video below. If you wanna buy cool stuff like this, check out and use code RPA5 for $5 discount.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

X2toys Voltron

Update: Actually, this lion comes with another set of two transformers deluxe size figures. It is not a stand alone set. Im going to assume that the rest of the lions will be released with other sets. Sort of like a build-a-figure type thing.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Soul of Chogokin GX-63 General Franky from One Piece

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As is the case with many collectibles, you aren't aware of how awesome it is until it's gone and very expensive. Usually however, these go through a clearance phase first before reaching the expensive phase. It's funny how that works. It usually starts off with an unpopular or little known/understood piece which sells really slow because of it's high price. Then it goes on clearance and still sells slow. Then just as buzz starts spreading, they sell out leaving some people without the piece which drives prices up in the aftermarket. I believe this to be one of those figures that will go through this. It was released for the Soul of Chogokin line which usually caters for the most part to the Super Robot genre. This came from the show One Piece which was not a Super Robot show. The toy however is an amazing robot. It evens breaks down into two vehicles!

Furosai Bike with Franky behind the wheel
Check out the video review

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