Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Megahouse Variable Action Hi-Spec Galvion (Circus I)

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You know how there are kid's toys and there are collector type toys/adult collectible toys? Is there a category higher than that? Bandai seems to strike a good balance between a collectible that can be handled often and a collectible that is detailed enough for adult tastes. Bandai's sub company Megahouse has made something that probably only caters to a higher level of collectors. Collectors looking for so mcuh detail that the figure ceases to be a toy. This is how I feel about this toy. It seems this is made for collectors who like to build models, people who are very delicate in handling very delicate things. Surgeon hands if you will. The Megahouse Galvion is absolutely a sight to behold but as soon as you handle it, you are rewarded with a big WTF?

At first you are in awe, the second you try and move things, you feel like you are handling a completed model or a very delicate color prototype. I keep using delicate because even the soft finish of the figure will scuff easily, parts may come off that have been glued at the factory and overall it feels like it should only be posed and left alone. However, there is a bunch of engineering going on in this figure because it is transformable. I don't dare try to transform it because you know me...I will break/scratch something and curse up a storm (this thing is expensive...almost $200!!). So I will just stare at it's beauty and rest comfortably knowing that even though I will never transform it, its good enough for me to know that it can. If Bandai straight up made a diecast version of this, I would transform it but if it's anything like Megahouse's last Robot Galatt, I will just leave it looking sexy on display.

The box is really noce. Matte and gloss finishes all around. The front flap has magnets to keep it shut. Open it to reveal a window showing the robot. However it is wrapped in plastic.
This really has a Macross vibe to it and would somehow have worked if he was in the G1 Transformers line in the same way Jetfire worked in G1, different but acceptable. It's taller than a Transformers Voyager Class figure.

I really do like the lettering on the back. The proportions, design, everything. Hits all my buttons.
Hard to tell, but the paint apps feel soft and have a smooth almost very fine sandpapery feel to them. I am afraid moving anything will scuff it all up/
This part back here is like transformer porn. It's like opening a page from a porno halfway and not being able to see the rest of what's going on. Looks like it would be a crapload of fun to transform!

Tilting the backpack away shows some more detail underneath...must resist.

And here are his alternate modes that I don't have the nerve to replicate. I almost want to transform him to enjoy it all, but it's almost a guarantee that it will turn into a scuffed up mess in my hands. If they ever clearance this guy like they did Galatt, I will buy another just so I can transform the shit out of it and not worry about messing it up. For now, this is the closest thing you'll get to a review of this guy from me. If you like it, get one at BigBadToyStore

 Grab yours at BigBadToyStore !

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Miracle comes through!

Miracle came through by providing replacement parts for their vehicle Voltron. As you know, it was a nighmarish time before during and after production so I really appreciate them sending the parts. Will check em out later. The wallet is mine to cover the address.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Artstorm ES Gokin God Mars

More SD goodness from Artstorm/Fewture. Don't k ow what kind of delay this will have.

Dream F-02 Godmars EX Gokin

Can't wait for Fewtures SD take on this guy? You can grab this unofficial non combining SD gokin in the meantime. From the company that gave us Goraion.