Thursday, November 14, 2013

Preorders open for Toynami 30th Anniversary VOLTRON diecast Chogokin at BBTS!

Preorders open for Voltron 30th Anniversary diecast @BBTS!

Information on Soul of Chogokin Golion Voltron and more!

This video is chock full of questions weve all been asking and some exclusive info on Voltron happenings. This video is from the awesome Retroblasting channel.

Voltron Golion findings on eBay

I was perusing eBay recently in hopes of throwing my money at things and I found some really cool stuff. I only bid on the Singapore Voltron because well I've never seen it before. It has a cool box and features all the gimmicks of the MIJ Golion. Well, I didn't win. Another day another time I would have without question but I'm focusing my collection so putting aside variations of stuff I own for a while. Anyways enjoy!

 Lionbot Mazinger Z Diecast
OK, so this isn't a Voltron, but check out the name on the box! Lionbot! BWAHAHAHAHA! Buy it now clicked immediately.
Now on the back it shows a Great Mazinger body with a lion head. Maybe this is the Lionbot they intended to make?

5.5" of diecast metal laid in Styro for $24.99 shipped. Done.
Popy Golion Jumbo Machinder
I have heard of its existence but this is the first time I see the whole box in this shape. I NEEEEED to own this but I bet it's way out of my reach.

Unlike the US LJN version, this shoots missiles form the fists!

I was 5-6 when this came out.

LOVE the Golion logo on the chest.

Japanese vending machine cards (Gashapon)
I love the artwork. One of Golion's most iconic poses.

I remember my cousing buying a yellow lion that he had to put together. Now I know where this set came from.

Korean crazy bootleg. Is there even a reason to put "crazy" in between Korean and Bootleg?
Voltron Binocular Bootle"Transmutableh Robot- Outer Space Champion" Huh?
The colors burn my brain! Also is that lipstick on his lips?

Love the spelling- Transmutableh


Popy Singapore Golion
I bid on this and it ended at a reasonable price but I didnt bid higher. Although now I regret it somewhat. Look at that wonderful box.

Has all the gimmicks of the japanese one! Shooting fists and weapons.

French Golion sets.

Korean Bootleg set.
Looks like it doesn't transform and all the lions share the same mold. At least it comes with a little plastic Voltron. Only worth it for the artwork. Nothing else.