Monday, October 29, 2012

New Fix: iGear MW-03 Hench (Brawn)

I've been lazy in getting a review together for this guy. I've had him about a week already. That and the shipping took crazy long because it was help up in NYC. Look for a video review soon. Doesn't look like you can buy him by himself though.

MW-03(Mini Warriors-03) Hench
MW03 Hench  toy×1
Shot gun×1
Character card×1
The height is 12CM in robot mode(from the bottom to the top)

Future Fix: iGear MW-02G Rager (Huffer)

I just ordered this guy this morning. He is a repaint of their regular MW-02 Rager. As soon as he comes in, expect a full review.

MW-02G Rager (iGear 4th Anniversary Edition)
G1 Color
500 pieces limited
iGear Shop Exclusive
MW02G Rager  toy×1

My favs of Tamashii Nations 2012: Diecast Gunpla and Chogokin Mazinger Z Rocket Punch

Out of all the stuff I've seen from the coverage of Tamashii nations (Aside from the GX-62 Dangurad Ace) these are the two things I'm looking forward to because they look like they are loaded with diecast.

Pictures courtesy of (check full coverage there)
DIECAST GUNPLA?!!!! This is amazing to me...What will it be called? GunMetal? Can't be called Gun"PLA". I wonder how diehard Gunpla people feel about this. I for one will love it and hump it. It's an RX-78-2!
I heard about this a little while back and I didn't know what it was...I still don't but I do see Chogokin logos in the back. Will this be a solid metal Mazinger Z fist? Or a fully articulated Maznger Z fist? Either way, really cool. Kind of goes with my whole Rocket Punch theme.

Guest appearance on CDX show Episode 48

I attended the 2012 Comic Con with JoshB of CDX and we did a follow-up video where I was a guest and we talked about some cool stuff. We talked about our hauls, the future of the Soul of Chogokin line, including a possible Golion!

Comic Con Voltron Haul- Korean Diecast? New Lionbot box Variant?

I went to Comic Con to do coverage for I didn't have any plans to buy anything but of course I spent a few bucks there...more than I could ever imagine. Aside from dumping a load of cash on Gunpla (which I never thought I'd start up again) I also came across some exciting Voltron items.
JoshB of CDX spotted these in a corner and my traction beam was activated.
Now here's the thing that makes this find special:
- The Korean Set had DIECAST lions in it (Korean sets are all plastic)
- The Trendmasters set happened to not even be a Trendmasters set- it was a variant LIONBOT box!
- These belonged to the owner of Media-Blasters, the makers of the Voltron DVD and they had a very important role in the making of the DVDs!

OK, I nerded way too much as is evident in the video I made for CDX. Read the full story by checking out the article I did for CollectionDX.

If you want an in depth look at the two sets, check out this video:
So happy...
...happy like a little girl.

Bandai Golion and Korean Voltron Model kits

As most of my followers know, I bought a few Voltron items at Comic Con. Aside from the big sets, I bought two small kits. I don't plan on ever building them since I really only bought them for the artwork. The Bandai Golion kit is on the left and features a very classic representation on my favorite robot. The Korean kit shows a lesser seen rendition of this robot, but awesome nonetheless.
L: Bandai Golion R: Korean Voltron
Check out the kit contents below:

Transformers First Edition Terrorcon Cliffjumper

I missed out on the First Edition Cliffjumper when the First Editions were released and then quickly cancelled. Lucky for us, Hasbro has once again released the First Edition line. This time around, Cliffjumper comes in the awesome zombie form he takes on when covered in Dark Energon. This is the Terrorcon Cliffjumper. Simply awesome.
You'll see Hasbro brought back the same First Edition packaging from the first release. This new version of CJ differs in that the artwork shows his zombified self up top.

He's all beat up and covered in Dark Energon. His robot mode has the alternate zombie head with cracked horn. If you want to see it, check out the video below.

Yamato MetalBox Metalboy MB Gokin Dragon Getter

I'm a fan of the ES-Gokin line. They are small and beautiful pieces of Gokin. Artstorm/Fewture now has competition from Yamato in the form of the MB Gokin Line. So far they seem to be on par if not better than what I have seen from the ES Gokin line in terms of quality and finish. Video below.

Fewture EX Gokin Gatchaman G-5 God Phoenix Repaint Version

As a very young kid, I found myself catching a fair amount of Battle of the Planets episodes. Battle of the Planets was based off of the Japanese anime Gatchaman. It was also known as G-Force and Eagle Riders(?). Fewture has re-released their Unit G-5 gokin in repainted colors. I don't exactly know what difference there is in the paint as I don't have the original.

Honestly, I really like that this was made. However I wish it didn't have little problems that a small $100 diecast shouldn't  have. Problems like bad paint apps that are gone over by hand with a brush. It makes it look sloppy. On a huge piece, this would be unnoticeable, but on a tiny diecast, it's an eyesore. For big fans only.

The box is exactly what you would expect from a high end collectible. Thick corrugated cardboard box with foil lettering and colorful graphics.
Again, high end packaging here folks. Super thick styrofoam holding all the contents in place.
It is a very beautiful piece that is mostly diecast metal. It feels good in the hands. From this distance, you don't notice much of the imperfections.
The G-5 looks awesome in this view.
The set comes with some alternate booster pieces and some landing gear which surprisingly is metal. I guess maybe not surprisingly given the weight of the figure.

Again, maybe a bit too pricey given it's size. The price is probably due to a low number run (I assume.)

Here's my video review.

1/144 RG RX-78-2 Gundam E.F.S.F. kit

I picked this kit up at the Bluefin booth at Comic Con. Seeing as it was the smallest kit out of the bunch I got, I figured it would be a breeze... I was wrong. I took my time trimming flash, sanding the surface if mold swirls were present, panel lining etc. Im doing stickers now and they are a huge pain. Excellent kit though. SO much detail for a 1/144... as a matter of fact lots of details regardless of size. Contemplating whether or not to dullcoat it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Prototype picture of GX-62 Danguard Ace SOC Soul of Chogokin

I know people weren't allowed to shoot pictures of the prototype, but some sneaky bastard snapped a really cool one. This will have to do until the official pictures come out.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Soul of Chogokin GX-62 is DANGUARD ACE also, SOC GOLION?!

With all the worry about the Soul of Chogokin line being dead, many of us believed that nothing else would come of that line. That is until JoshB of CollectionDX and I spoke to Tamashii reps who confirmed that the SOC would continue but instead of a couple of releases a year, we would probably maybe only see one. He couldn't say much more than that at the Comic Con. However some info has leaked out today about the release of the GX-62! It will be Danguard Ace. Honestly, this character came out of left field. It was not what I expected. I thought it may be Tryder 7. Yamato did a great job with their Ace but left some fans wanting something with better proportions. It looks like Bandai is headed in the right direction.
Here are some line drawings of the upcoming GX-62 Danguard Ace. At this stage, many things can change, but at least you see they are already hard at work!

Speaking of Soul of Chogokin, Golion fans will be happy to know that Bandai is in talks with WEP to be able to do something with Golion. It's nothing concrete and there is no official word, but it seems as though it will eventually happen! Check out this CollectionDX video of our trip to Comic Con where we discuss our visit to the Tamashii booth and more.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finally got Black Lion from

To my surprise, I received my Mattel Black Lion from Mattel, the final subscription piece. Havent had a chance to really mess with it but so far it has exceeded my expectations after having dealt with the other lions. I should have a video up real soon... yes, I know i reversed the legs in the picture!

Friday, October 12, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

I hit up NYCC 2012 with CollectionDX and of course I rolled right up to the booths filled with robots.

Tiger and Bunny 1/8 Scale UV Reactive

S.H. MonsterArts King Kong

S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla and Ghidorah

Awesome base on this Gundam

Super Robot Chogokin Sentai Robots

S.H. Figuarts Rangers

Bandai DX Mazinger Chogokin

Look at all the Diecast in this 12PM C3P0

12PM C3P0 and R2D2

Tiger and Bunny Figurise model kits

Bluefin section where you can buy anything you want, even Chogokin

Only a couple of more days before we receive our Black Lions.

Mattel Voltron Black Lion

Combined form is awesome!

Power Rangers

S.H. Figuarts King Kong


Beargguy exclusive. Sold out very fast, but I got a hookup!