Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 Chogokin Summit 08/20

Beverly, MA- So it was time once again to head over to the Chogokin Summit. It is a gathering of all sorts of robot/Japanese character fans to get together, make new friends and of course check out and buy some really cool stuff at really cool prices. No money? No problem, bring some stuff to trade. Unfortunately for me, I got to the tailgate party late at CDX headquarters because there was like 92 accidents on the way there. Took me almost 8 hours to do a 3.5 hour ride...yeah. So next morning we all headed out to pick up some stuff, have breakfast and then proceeded to the Summit. We got there nice and early before anything was really set up. We put up some tents, set up tables and chairs and the like. Since I was helping out Josh from CDX, I got a firsthand glimpse of stuff he was going to be selling and trading, so I started mentally tagging everything which as it turns out becomes nearly impossible on only 3 hours of sleep in two days. The pieces there ranged from old to new. It was real cool seeing friends and making new ones. If you ever have the chance to make it to one, I highly recommend it. So here are some shots of the fun that was had.

Incubot stuff for sale. I snagged me a white Shiroi Voltron USB (Bottom Left) All funds from the White USB bots go to help Japan.


This is the other side of the Incubot table. There was some really cool stuff in here.

CDX Table. Josh is a great guy and gave me some good deals on some stuff he didn't need anymore.

a 1/60 scale Astro Plan fighter! Much nicer than I expected it to be. Not up to Yamato Valkyrie standards but these definitely were inspired by them.

This bot is so strange yet so cool.

Anyone have some spare parts?

I hope I never catch the vintage vinyl bug..there is just WAY too much stuff out there.

Star Wars cards!

Gin Gin Foe-Gokin custom paint.

You think this is a production toy? Guess again. This and the following other figures are one-offs! Hand prepped and painted. AWESOME.

Incubot Nekosaur Summit 2011 Exclusive Vinyl. $60, amazing finish by Matt Walker of Dead Presidents fame.

Here is Matt Walker showing off the awesomeness of his line of Monster Kolor spray paints to customize you jumbos and vinyls. The pictures do not do these pictures justice AT ALL.

Check out the hand drawn pin-stripes! The sparkle needs to be seen in person to be appreciated.

Mason's famous bacon fat burgers...I ALWAYS miss out on these. Not this year!

I'm sure there were a few droolings around this guy.

All three wonderful one-off figures side by side plus a little resin prototype.

Gin Gin Foe-Gokins by BrownNoize Productions.

Caught somewhere in time!

Baby Gin Gins

Sanjeev, the man behind the Brown Noize.

Bootleg Starscream. Just oen of the things I meant to buy but forgot all about in the end.

Bootleg Dinobot with wings. Fell asleep and someone else bought it.

These things are analog!

MIB Jetfire with no yellowing on plastic

Very rare Godaikin stand

Cool table

Nice little brown Tetsujin vinyl.

A picture a couple of hours before it became mine.

See that little Irongear behind Combattler on the left? Been on a massive search for that. Didn't notice it there for sale and missed out on owning it for $10. Darn

Nice little Ultraman Vinyl. Now part of my collection.


The only toy I had with me to show. Picked it up on the way up.

Here you can see the Hasbro on the left and the Takara version on the right. Which do you like more?
The header card on this says Voltron on the back. The toy is a Mazinga Z. Apparently, they also made a Voltron vinyl.

Yamato 1/60 Fire Valkyrie. Amazing little thing.

Yamato Fire Valkyrie 1/60

Isn't this just cool?

Diaclone of what would eventually become Devastator
UFO Grendizer and his Spazer

Old Japanese Pachinko machine

Something tells me this is transformed wrong. Maybe.

I paid $7 for one of these many many years ago..... $7!!!! I swapped a price sticker hehe. I win.

My Summit 2011 haul plus Hasbro Rodimus and Thundercats figures I picked up on the way up.

In the end I got most of what I was eyeballing. Of course in all the craziness, I also missed out on some cool deals but one can only buy so much, I may have gotten too much, but I will be entertained for quite a while. One thing I wish I would have noticed was a little plastic Iron Gear figure which I've been going crazy looking for. It sold for 10 bucks. One day it will be mine...MWAHAHAHA.


  1. Mannnn, that is cool. I wish we had some sort of Chogokin gathering here in the west coast. Nice score on the L-Gaim and Orguss!

    How much was that boxed Gakken Legioss going for?

  2. Dont know what it was going for but I'm sure it wasn't eBay prices. There are bargains to be had all day long!

    I got the Orguss and L-Gaim for about what one good SH Figuarts costs. Really cool people at these events.

  3. Damn! That's unbeatable pricing! Is that an annual event or was it only a one-time gig?