Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mattel SDCC Voltron exclusive box woes.

Hey Mattel, WTF were you thinking making the box near impossible to keep intact to remove Voltron? I am a collector and I love to take my figures out, check em out, maybe display them. Eventually I like to put them away in their original box, especially if they have cool know like windows boxes-with SOUND CHIPS IN THEM THAT ARE MADE TO BE COLLECTIBLE! Wow you guys seriously messed up. If this was a Toys R Us toy that would be cool, but its an exclusive/Mattycollector release that clearly states "Adult Collectible" on the box! I opened the bottom thinking I could slide out the tray...Nope.

Then I opened the top thinking I could slide out the tray...NOPE. The I cut some tape here and there hoping to release the background cardboard where he is attached...NOPE. Then I thought I could reach in through the top and pull him out...NOPE. He is attached with these rubber zip type straps that can be cut but they are so tight against the figure, that its impossible. Even if it was possible, You could never lay the figure back in the box since you cant get in the box to replace them. F'n STUPID.

You see, the sound chip is glued to the face of the box and that is what is holding the entire assembly. They didnt use that booger type glue that is easily removable, they used HOT GLUE. I tried cutting through the hot glue with a blade which only went so far resulting in me ripping the display a bit. but I got it out! I couldve tried heating the hot glue, but it would have melted something else probably.

SO now I have the inside tray out and realize that they put long-ass straps on the figures arms and legs. Then they taped down the lengths of the straps with thick tape and taped it around the sides of the box. As if it was meant to survive a World War. On top of the straps they put cardboard pieces so that even if you managaed to squeeze teeny fairy fingers in the box to remove the straps, you CAN'T because they covered the straps in cardboard.

There was a lot of labor that went into securing these figures in the box, almost too much. This pretty much confirms Mattel doesn't want you opening the box without messing it up. Why? because they know if you are a collector, you will be careful with the box and when you end up giving up opening or you rip it up, you will end up buying another one, so you can open one and still have one good enough to display in the box. Most collectors buy more than one anyways. Great work Mattel, you suck.

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