Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bandai Web Shop Limited Steel Saints Land Daichi & Marine Ushio

Updated 09/12/11 with Video!

I have this in my possession at the moment but unfortunately, like a few things I come across it is not mine. However the owner was kind enough to let me open it to check its contents and do a review on it. While I was happy to be able to check out the contents, I passed on the review. I wanted him to have the luxury of putting it together himself. Doing a review on this big set would require much more time than I have available unfortunately. Thanks anyways for the offer, if you are reading this! UPDATE: I DID THE REVIEW!

For those not familiar with the Saint Myth Cloth line, they are basically highly articulated figures that come with a cool feature- DIECAST ARMOR! Alone they are but mere high quality action figures, but when combined with their "cloth", they become hefty high quality jewels. As an added feature, their cloth/armor can combine to form an "object" Normally this object would for an animal that kind of looks like a armored decoration...kinda sorta like having knight armor chilling in your living room, except these are more colorful. This set actually takes it one step further. Instead of animals, their objects are vehicles! If you like this, good luck in finding it cheap. It is a Bandai Tamashii exclusive so secondary market prices are insane. Video below.

Marine Ushio

Land Daichi

Unboxing video

Figure Review

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