Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I've been pretty much ignoring the whole hurricane thing because I'm an idiot and I was being totally ignorant. Then I really sat down to check it out. Turns out my city is in the eye of the storm as of tomorrow. It feels like the end of the world around here because ALL the stores have been ransacked and stripped to nothing. People have bought ALL the water and supplies. Two days ago we felt it was a good idea to prepare, just in case. Well it turns out that was a good idea because we were able to at least get two cases of water and a little bit of food. We tried to hit up dollar stores to pick up batteries and flashlights. No lighting supplies to be found at the dollar matches. Nothing. Today we freaked because we thought our daughter would not have enough food to last her into Monday so we made the trek out to Target to get formula. The lot was completely full, the lines at the register was crazyyyyy. To top it all off, it started raining hard. Within 10 minutes, streets were flooding. There is a curfew and major highways are closed, mass transit shut down, massive evacuations everywhere. I even saw a rendering of New York City partially underwater...

Then all of a sudden, I'm like...MY COLLECTION! I freaked because if the basement floor floods, there goes a good amount of my newer collection (the old/vintage/pricey stuff is elevated a couple of feet, but my transformers and newer gokin/figures might take a swim. So I went down and rearranged stuff and my treasure chest (its an honest to goodness chest) which holds my most favorite figure (a Popy Golion) is on the floor. Even though the box is wrapped in plastic and then wrapped in a bigger bag to prevent damage from flooding, its not 100% waterproof for too long, so I will have to keep running downstairs to check on my stuff. Hopefully everything will be OK and the flood will not affect us much, not only because of my stuff, but because I see all the damage it's causing everywhere else, some people dont have the luxury about worrying about material things, they are running for their lives and some are losing them.

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