Saturday, August 27, 2011

Space Sheriff Metal Hero figure

I ran across this in a for sale section for $8 so I had to have it. It comes with no box, just styrofoam. It's missing his weapons, but the cool part is that the light function still works! Bandai sold this in the US under a different name too. I'll show you guys that figure too which I picked up at the 2011 Summit in a later post. This figure features a diecast build and chrome finish. It truly is a nice figure although I believe this is a bootleg because it looks different than my Bandai version and there are no manufacturer stampings anywhere on the figure.
Missing sword and gun...oh and box. That rectangular styro block across his shins is custom made by me :)


It's a bit hard to see, but his light up feature is activated in this photo. The LEDs are in his visor and in his chest.

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