Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bandai Thundercats 4" Mumm-Ra

Yes, more Thundercats folks! I know, I know, this is a blog about "Rocket Punching" robots but it shouldn't be taken literally, I am a pushover for other stuff too. Especially great Thundercats toys. I picked up a little 4" Mumm-ra I wanted to show you guys. Seems he is none too popular with the kids because at every store that I see that people have emptied out of Thundercats stock, this one is always hanging around unloved. I don't get it, I think mummified Mumm-Ra is pretty cool. The legs aren't articulated, but the wrists, arms and head is. That's enough to have fun with isn't it?

I wonder if the sword was an afterthought...he doesn't really hold it. It just lays there waiting to fall at the slightest touch. The claw clips on very securely though.

Sword can be stowed in the claw just like Lion-O

I don't care if kids don't scramble to buy these, just means more for us Mumm-Ra fans! These cost about $7.99

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