Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reveal the Shield Perceptor and Optimus Prime

I was just complaining recently about how hard it was to find any of the Transformers Classics style robots. I was missing Perceptor and RTS Optimus. I was at the mall and saw a store called Smart Toys. They were one of those teeny toy shops that sells puppets and baby toys. I decided to go in and see if there was anything cool. I saw a small section with action figures and Transformers. When I got closer, I almost soiled myself because I had actually found Perceptor and the Optimus Prime I don't really care for but want! OMG, then I saw the price $16.99. Seriously? I was in New York so it came out to like $532 after taxes ($18.XX). Well it is a mall store and it is the only place I could find this damn figure. After all they were released earlier this year and I hadn't come across these at any other place and I visit A LOT of places. So I sprung for Perceptor. Here he is with his G1 version. Very cool. Not digging his truck mode nor the weird transformation but figure is overall cool. Speaking of G1, ever see the original Diaclone version of Perceptor? What were they smoking when they thought up this color? Sorry, forgot to photo the truck mode.

I contemplated it all day at the mall...whether I should go back for the Optimus Prime. I hate the design but then the horror of regret loomed over my head so I went back and bought it. Sheesh. Just as I suspected. It sucks. First, the truck form is like multi-colored. Can we just decide on one color guys?

Second, robot mode sucks too. I mean there is much worse but I'm too much of a 80's guy to really enjoy it. Looks like a creepy PiƱata with all those colors. Not really into those shoulders and feet. Almost looks like a Movie toy which I can't stand.

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