Sunday, August 7, 2011

KO G1 Red Alert

I have another tasty KO G1 Transformer for you guys to check out. This time, it's good ol' Red Alert. He comes from the same place all the good quality G1 "reissues" are coming from except he's not one of the better ones. Sure he's better than all the crappy horrid knockoffs you normally find, but when the other KO G1s are rivaling legit releases, this one doesn't fare as well. He still has diecast and great plastic, but the paint apps and a QC problem hinder total praise from me. Overall very happy with this purchase. Cheap, fun and cool.

One thing I don't like about blister packaging is that you have to tear it open and ruin any chances of displaying MIB.

I devised a way to get the figure out while sort of preserving the bubble. I cut flaps out back that are hidden when boxed up.

Now you can see how easy it is to take it out of the packaging.

Now you are left with an mainly intact bubble card.

Here is Red Alert in Lambo mode. Mostly well done except for the doors which have horrid paint. It just flakes off. You'll see a chip on this side.

And tons more on the other side. All other paint seems fine. There is some slight flashing on the edge of the chrome rims and tires.

Once transformed he's a decent figure. Much better than some legit Encores I've bought...yes even with the crappy door paint. His left (HIS left) foot doesn't pull down all the way because there is a screw or rivet head that gets in the way. Chrome is shiny and thick. Even though he comes with stickers, I would rather wait to get good Reprolabels.

Like most Transformers, he's messy out back.

I'm kinda liking these KO, it's a very cheap G1 fix! Stay tuned for Reprolabels.

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