Sunday, August 7, 2011

Takatoku 1/72 Mugen Calibur

You know I've always wanted one of these but I never was able to get one because when I had money I spent it on something else and when they would pop up I had no money. Thanks to the wonderful world of robot-japan forums, I was able to snag one of these bad boys in PRISTINE unplayed with condition. How a cool toy survives 30 years without someone playing with it or smashing the box into pieces in storage is beyond me. But he is here now, with me. Yay! My very own Takatoku Mugen Calibur. Transformers fans may recognize him as Roadbuster as this design was used in the Transformers universe. I much prefer him in his Takatoku form.

What's interesting about Takatoku toys is that a lot of them were made with the intention of being detailed by the owner. They were more like semi finished model kits that could be weathered to your hearts content. Of course they are toys but they catered to a wider range of buyers this way. My first Takatoku toy as a kid as an M-Lover MAIEE which I immediately "weathered" I certainly regret that..and losing the box. Notice the cool mechanical drawings and picture of a weathered specimen on the back.

Stunning isn't it? Pure 80's toy nestled in his comfy Styrofoam. I miss packaging like this :(  Noticed the accessories still have tape over them.

I don't believe this version transformed. I'll have to look into it. Hope you enjoyed checking this little guy out!

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  1. Wassup Charles! Score! Damn, that Mugen Caliber is nice! It looks like it came out of the factory yesterday. How were you able to find that?