Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 3 of Hasegawa Ultraman MAT vehicle kit build

Welcome back to my Ultraman MAT vehicle build. If you missed Day 1&2 CLICK HERE. Otherwise, this is where I am as of this afternoon. I was planning on wet-sanding the clear coat but something told me to leave well enough alone. So I skipped the wet-sanding and just continued to the polishing. I used a polishing compound which removed the couple of dust spots very well. You'll notice that there is still a good amount of orange peel, but it's only noticeable because I'm so zoomed in. You'll also notice I applied the photo-etched Mazda Rotary logo on the hood. I took a pin tipped brush and painted a silver edge around the emblem. VERY nerve racking to say the least. The results were pretty good.

Next, I couldn't leave well enough alone so I decided to tackle the panel lines. I decided that Gundam markers have a tendency to snag into paint and make dark spots so I opted instead to use a thin brush and do a simple wash. However, the model was so polished that the acrylic paint refused to stick. So I laid the paint on thicker. Then I polished the overpaint with compound which left a nice dark panel line that looked too dark. So I decided to take a toothpick to the panel lines to remove the paint. What a nightmare it was taking it out. In the end I used a gray Gundam Marker... Came out great, although it did snag a couple of times. I will never doubt you again my Gundam Marker friend. Now it looks more in scale

 I had the most trouble panel lining the hood. I ended up scraping a bit of the red stripe along the edge of the front which required some clever "markering" to lessen the look of the mistake. Overall not too bad.Tomorrow I will add some clear over the Mazda Rotary emblem to seal it in forever.

Stay tuned for more.

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