Friday, August 26, 2011

Summit Haul: Popy Hi-Metal L-Gaim

Yeah, this is a Hi-Metal figure, but it's not one of those wimpy Valkyrie type Hi-Metals, this beast packs some stamped steel parts like the almighty god of Chogokins- the Popy Chokinzoku Tetsujin 28! Yup, there are steel panels on this bad boy. It's such a great toy and pretty tall but its Achilles heel is the brittle brown plastic that is used on the limbs, hoses and pretty much everywhere internally. Upon grasping his arms, the weapon brackets disintegrated into sand. In fact, when I was being shown the figure at the Summit, when the box was opened, a few pieces of brown plastic escaped...surely a bad sign. Fortunately the working pistons are still intact even though they are made of the brittle brown substance. While bot immediately evident, most everything underneath the white is made of brown. The white plastic is sturdy, but fails at staying white. Still, I am happy to have this in my collection. Thanks Jon!
Great box art.

This is back when they gave a damn about toys.
 The hoses in the baggies below are stiff and brittle. Useless. You really need to like the design of this robot and the toy's history to love this toy with so many flaws.
Please brown skeleton pieces, stay together forever! The feet are diecast.

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