Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hasbro Masterpiece Rodimus

There has been lots of talk about this Rodimus. He is quite the controversial guy. When I first saw pictures of this guy, I said Bleh. I found him a couple of days ago and snagged him. In those few days I managed to develop a liking to it. So today I finally opened him up. I have to say that I honestly like this one better than the Takara. Maybe I'm just used to seeing the Takara verision all the time in my display case. Maybe I also like the fact that I don't have to handle it like expensive crystal. I haven't transformed him cause I'm lazy but I can already see there was a couple of changes done. The rivets in the leg panels are different, the visor is tighter and the tab on his backpack actually clips to the tabs. I don't care about the lack of a trailer. My Takara's trailer is sitting in a box. Color-wise this guy is not a pinkish and is a bit darker. The dark silver kinda grows on you after a while. I think overall its meant to look like the G1 version the way the markings are done. It even comes with decals for the arms.

Hasbro gray?

Takara white?

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