Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bootleg Grendizer: Space Warrior

I couldn't justify passing up this great little bootleg. I'm a sucker for this junk. Sure, it's made to cater to kids whose parents can't justify spending three times the amount on the real thing. Sure it's not made as well (sometimes) as the original, it still has a charm all its own. There is always something very recognizable yet somewhat "off". As a kid they may be minor annoyances or things or these little differences may go unnoticed, but as you get older, they become entertaining little objects. Here I have a bootleg Grendizer with a Mazinger Scrander (the red wings on back). Too cool. It may be a boot, but it has a healthy dose of diecast. It is a boot of the 3" Chogokin/Shogun Warriors. You know its cool when the box says "DIECAST METAL" in bigger letters than the toy's name. What a horrible generic name "Space Warrior" is. Isn't every bootleg robot named Space Warrior?

The seller did not ship this in a box, so I got a nice crushed box with cracked plastic tray but Space Warrior arrived intact. Notice the cheesy little sword, a Grendizer Harken and a Scrander. The tape was OLD and somehow still gooey.

 The back of the box shows the whole Space Warrior set. For some reason, this one isn't shown so I don't know if it even has a number designation. Maybe CD-05?

This is quite a hefty little guy. He is all DIECAST METAL save for the head, fists and accessories. Notice his belt says "GUNGAN" Huh? Isn't a Gungan what that stupid ass Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars is? Well this Gungan is shitloads cooler than anything related to that freaky alien.

This guy is officially in the R.P.A. (Rocket Punch Army) for he has Rocket Punch action! Please excuse the sorry excuse for gimmick demonstration. I assure you it fires.

This guy set me back $19 after shipping from China. A good chunk of that was for shipping and they couldn't even pack it in a teeny box...sheesh.

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