Tuesday, August 23, 2011

KO G1 Prowl with reprolabels.com decals

Ok, again with the KO Transformers. When will the madness end? Maybe when I'm rich and can afford real ones. I had a hell of a time waiting for these to get here. Took over a month. It was shipped two weeks after it was paid for. Anyways it's here, all is good. Another nice KO figure but still not anything like the Sunstreaker which is almost perfect. This figure has it's little quirks which you can see in the video but I like it quite a bit. Especially after the new decals I got from reprolabels.com were put on. They really really enhance the figure! If you guys over at reprolabels are reading this, you guys make some great stuff. Recommended for you KO buyers or owners of ratty Transformers. They give KO's a tad more class.

Here he is on the left after a dose of reprolabels.com action. On the right is his mold brother- Genuine G1 Bluestreak.

Very nice KO overall.
Not too bad but check out the video review for all the details. This guy has his ups and downs.

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