Thursday, August 25, 2011

KO G1 Wheeljack with Reprolabels.

I got this guy before Prowl and Sideswipe, but I only got around to posting him now for some reason. It's the same old story, glossy high quality type box with some spelling mistakes to let you know it's a knockoff. At the foot of the box is the new stickers from

Notice the spelling mistakes. Pretty funny.
Although the figure comes with its own stickers, I decided to use ReproLabels instead. The KO stickers absolutely suck. Even the factory applied ones stunk, so I replaced those too. Initially I was going to leave them since I thought I would have difficulty applying the new ones (laziness) but in the end it made sense to keep it all repro so the colors would match perfect.
Wanna see the figure? Is it worth buying? Check out my video review! and make sure to subscribe!

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